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          community day

          fall community day: september 30, 2020

          While we can't be in person, we can still have fun with our community.  Get out with your family and enjoy activities in your own back yard or neighborhood, or at one of the many parks around the state and/or enjoy a day of fun with virtual sessions hosted by your community partnerships team and school faculty & staff.  There are no classes on community day so you can participate in one or more of the following activities:

          pep rally

          bring your gca spirit and join in on the fun to get the day started. there will be cheering, games, music and video highlights from gca events.  look for communication from your school (elementary, middle, high school) for access information. the pep rally begins at 9:30 am.

          State Parks & Historic Sites

          Registration for State Park & Historic Site events is now closed.

          Participate in fun events at various locations across the state hosted by the Georgia Department of Natural resources State Parks & Historic Sites.  Not every State Park will host an event, but those who are listed have agreed to host programming at various locations that you can register to attend.  each program offering will be hosted by the specific state park or historic site location.  be sure to check the time, location and program offering before registering.  sessions are limited and once they are full, they will close for the day.  all registrations will close by friday 9/25/2020.  

          service opportunity

          gca champions love community.  on community day, consider participating in a community service project.  this can be helping with a neighbor’s yard, picking up the trash in your community or at a park, helping at a food bank, recycling, walking the neighbor’s dog or any other service activity available to you.  get out and help others and still have fun with us online or at a park afterwards.  

          Photo & Art Contest

          do you love photography or creating art?  here is your chance to shine!  paint, draw, or take a photo of what you see in nature (even in your own backyard or neighborhood).  you can take photos of your family, something inspirational or even create your own version of champ our mascot!  all entries must be received by october 7th at 5:00 pm.  take a photo of your art and upload it using the form below.  we can’t wait to see what you have for us!  1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a special prize after community day!

          Photo & Art Contest Submission Form, Rules, & Rubric

          share with the community

          share the fun!  post your photos from your home and outdoor activities to show us how you are having fun on september 30th!  please use any of the tags below to showcase how you're celebrating gca fall community day.

          hashtags: #gcacommunityday #gcagivesahoot #riseaimsoar #gcachampions #talonsup 

          more details about all community day activities is outlined below.

          visit a state park

          Registration for State Park & Historic Site events is now closed.

          you can visit any available location listed on the Georgia Department of Natural resources State Parks & Historic Sites website.  the state park system has also organized a list of fun and engaging programs for you to participate in.  program prices range from $2.00 - $10.00 and reservation will be made directly with the park.  each park program has a limited capacity, so reserve as early as you can and only register if you are certain of your attendance.  payments and fees will be made directly to the state park location you attend. 

          Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites Interactive MapState Parks & Historic Sites Program Flyer

          a girl pointing
          a woman and boy standing in front of a museum exhibit
          two people standing in front of a terrarium

          State Park & Historic Site Programs

           important information:

          Registration for State Park & Historic Site events is now closed.

          • Programming offered by the Georgia Department of Natural resources State Parks & Historic Sites will not be hosted by or receive assistance from GCA.  The locations are offering sessions for GCA students, families, and staff to enjoy on their own.  
          • all georgia state parks have parking fees.  please see information for the location(s) you choose to visit for specific parking rates and information.
          • be sure to review all information about the program(s) offered at the location you choose to visit.
          • check the state park location and get directions ahead of time so you are aware of travel time or restrictions.
          • confirm the time and details about the program(s) you plan to attend as well as any specific rules or regulations set by the park location(s).
          • confirm the cost of your visit including parking and program fees for all members of your family.
          • contact the location with any questions about the program(s) offered or if you need directions or other clarifying information.
          • don't forget to book the program(s) you plan to attend directly with the georgia state park you plan to visit.
          • arrive on time for your scheduled program(s) on september 30th so you don't miss out.

          virtual sessions

          Virtual sessions will kick off with school pep rallies at 9:30 am followed by various sessions hosted by GCA faculty & Staff.  session times will vary and have a capacity for the number of participants.  Basic information is listed below.  Check your canvas for specific session descriptions, times, and links.

          time session
          9:30 am school pep rallies
          10:00 am center for puppetry arts show for grades k-5*
          coding for grades 6-12 hosted by microsoft*
          enrollment & Records Support
          counseling corner  
          cooking with life
          Fun sessions hosted by GCA faculty & Staff
          11:00 am hands on stem hosted by georgia college*
          12:00 pm coding for grades k-5 hosted by microsoft*
          fsl fun support resort
          cooking fun with esol
          1:00 pm using linkedin for grades 9-12 hosted by microsoft*
          Fun sessions hosted by GCA faculty & Staff
          1:00 pm martial arts class hosted by eto*
          1:30 pm kids yoga class*
          2:00 pm animal program hosted by the chattanooga zoo*
          3:00 pm starting your own business for grades 6-12 hosted by microsoft*
          3:30 pm animal program hosted by the north georgia zoo and oxbow meadows*

          *sessions have reached capacity.   


          as a reminder, appropriate attire is required for any session that may allow for video.  please also remember to remain on mute so that everyone can enjoy each session.  some of the rooms may have large attendance so we will have helpers to assist with questions in the chat box.  be sure to come to the session on time to make sure you hear all instructions upon entering.  all etiquette is listed in the school handbook.  please note failure to follow the rules of the session would cause for removal of a student for the duration of the online event. 

          woman holding a kangaroo

          frequently asked questions

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