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          enrollment dates

          2020-2021 mid-year (second semester) enrollment

          mid-year enrollment period may be offered in any school year that available teacher capacity and computer inventory are available to serve additional students. if offered, the following dates will apply: 

          enrollment opens november 1, 2020
          enrollment closes december 4, 2020
          seat confirmation deadline december 5, 2020
          documentation submission deadline december 14, 2020
          school start date january 11, 2021


          2021-2022 open enrollment

          open enrollment begins february 16, 2021
          lottery held march 15, 2021
          open enrollment closes to be determined*


          *per georgia cyber academy enrollment policy, enrollment will close 4 weeks after the first day of school for the 2021-2022 academic year.  siblings of currently enrolled students and students experiencing homelessness as defined by the mckinney-vento homeless assistance act are eligible to enroll through october 1, 2021.

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